AUSTIN, Texas (Nov. 6, 2017) – Whole Foods Market’s global buyers and experts today announced the most anticipated food trends for 2018 and Cado avocado ice cream made the list! (Hint: see # 6)

Cado avocado ice cream chosen as the best healthy ice cream by Rodale’s Organic Life!

“Our favorite didn’t contain any dairy at all.”

The ever versatile and increasingly popular avocado continues its expansion beyond savory snacks to enter the confection category with the launch of Cado avocado-based ice cream, which could be a game-changer in the non-dairy frozen dessert segment.

Hold on to your spoons because the world’s first avocado-based ice cream is here to change the game. Organic avocado is cold-pressed, sweetened, and flavored before being churned to a silky, smooth consistency.

Vegan ice cream made from cold-pressed avocados? We’d like to kiss the geniuses responsible for this delight. Created by a family business named Cado Desserts…

We’re pretty excited about all the flavor that’s about to get unleashed in 2018. Personally, I can’t wait to serve some avocado ice cream with the moringa donuts I plan to fry up in my new air fryer. Happy New Year!

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