An Entirely New Kind of Ice Cream

Who says ice cream doesn’t grow on trees? Cado is the first dairy-free, avocado-based ice cream made fresh from the tree! With each batch, avocados are picked, ripened and cold-processed for a truly fresh dessert experience. Each pint packs fresh avocado, making Cado a nutrient-dense dessert that tastes divine and leaves you feeling satisfied and nourished. Our family was inspired to create these recipes so we could indulge in our favorite ice cream classics guilt-free. Enjoy a scoop, add some fruit or make a superfood sundae!


Family, Friends & Food

We believe coming together with family and friends over food and drink should be a life-enhancing experience.  Growing up, ice cream was a staple in our house.  But over the years, our favorite ice creams were being made with cheaper ingredients and more fluff and fillers. We also had a growing appreciation and commitment to plant-based eating. We were inspired to create a frozen dessert that tasted just like ice cream, but with better for you ingredients. We know it takes dedication to establish healthy habits as a family, but believe the long-term benefits are significant.  We hope our products encourage and support you and your family to lead an active, balanced and rich life.